Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A can of worms@DBM

Of all the dirt that has been hurled at me following my exposure of the blogospheric hatred for MSM and unveiling of the four self-styled gatekeepers of the Delhi Blog scene, I find the allegations of personal vendetta and twisting of facts (and even lying) quite amusing and hilarious. They were so absurd that at one point, I even toyed with the idea of revealing some much more damaging worms in the bloggers' can which I uncovered at the DBM. But being a normal human being not trained in the bloggers ideology of "this is my place on the web. I can goddamn write anything, truth or fabrications," better sense prevailed and I let them shout all over the town of thier manufactured innocence or my nefarious motives. If I were to follow the blogger's way, I could have podcasted the recorded conversations, published thier photos taken at the DBM and finish off the wave of countercharges against me. I didn't resort to that option, nor do I intend to do it for the simple reason that it would be seen like I am pursuing personal vendetta and stooping down to the levels of bloggers who have scant respect for privacy and thought nothing of splashing my photograph, phone number and private email message for the world to see. But then, it is utopian to expect bloggers to understand an abstract concept like ethics. And I was told blogs, by the way, are not frigging newspaper on the pain of losing my manhood (thanks to Tarun). It seems bloggers are not bound by human laws.
On the brighter side, nowadays, If I need to take a break from my arduous routine, I just read Vulturo and Tarun's blog and follow the links from there. They never fail to give me a comical relief in my hurried life dictated by deadlines. It's a irony that the same people who trashed the Indibloggies awards at DBM are now instituting prizes awarded among themselves on kinship basis and thanking each other profusely. That legendary line of Tarun's -- "We are the elite bloggers" instantly came to my mind in all its cracking clarity. All these have failed to shock me as I have become quite inured to the strange ways of bloggers. Instead they have served as a reminder of the fact that how fertile and vicious can human imagination get when it comes to defending thier honour and skin. Life has to move on. You leave some things behind and look forward to new horizons, in my case mostly deadlines.
Having said that, it would be remiss on my part to ignore some of the points that have been raised by some of you. For instance, why did I consider it important to mount a sting operation on four people who were just having some gossip over a cup of coffee? What has it achieved? Was misappropriation of taxpayers' money involved?
I think the primary objective of my reportage has been sufficiently explained in my previous post (it's another matter that many don't have the wits or are unwilling to understand it).
First of all, I don't subscribe to the view that only financial scams should be the focus of journalists. I doubt many people would read a newspaper whose pages are filled with only details of shady financial deals. Speaking for myself, I can't stand the news of Natwar Singh forever. Other than him, I also want to know about what Apple's next sexy gadget would be. I want to read about what Dan Brown is doing now as much as I want to follow the money trail of Abu Salem. Culture, arts, science -- things that advance human civilization -- are as important to a lay person like me as news of public money mismanagement.
What's sting operation anyway? A sting operation is necessary when somebody wants to find out something about the subjects who would have never revealed it to him if he were to indentify himself as a journo. Tarun, would you have said "We are the elite bloggers" if you had known that I was Ranjan Yumnam from DT, not James? Others would not have nodded in agreement either, nor would they have trashed Indibloggies Awards.
It also would have saved me the time to write this.


  • At 2:21 AM, Anonymous An Observer Who Does not Have a Blog Yet said…

    I find it funny that in your busy schedule (with the post interspersed with the word "deadlines") you still take out enough time to write this post and get back to those "elite bloggers" whom you don't consider worthy enough of writing about.
    Your "technology-piece" was indeed a laugh especially considering your definition of splogs. To make it worse, you diverted the attention by bringing up a tangential issue of the authenticity of wiki. (That's probably the culture at TOI and DT, talk about the fringes and forget the main story).
    Main Stream Media is a powerful entity. It reaches out to the common man, and not just to a bunch of keyboard-happy broadband revellers. I am disappointed that a person with such a huge responsibility is indulging in mud-slinging.
    What I found interesting from your write-ups is the fact that "mainstream bloggers" (the self-proclaimed elite) are not being held accountable. The manner in which they have ridiculed you is not correct. I would expect the same laws that hold professional journalism in good stead to be applied to these bloggers as well.
    But please, please do raise the bar in terms of national journalism (especially considering the fact that you represent one of the leading dailies of this country). Additionally, if possible, get Shoba De and Bachi airlifted from your editorials.

  • At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Dilip Pai said…

    I liked the above comment. Especially the one about Fucci (Bachi) and Dee (Shobha). Both of them need real hard spanking :-)


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